These Dudes Got Tired Of Babies Dying At Birth, So They’re Saving Them With Their Phones

Uganda has faced high rates of infant and maternal mortality for a very long time.

It’s not good. Many factors contribute to this: too few resources, long travel distances to medical care, and costs. But that’s starting to change, and the reason why is so genius that I didn’t even see it coming.

Young Ugandans are saving the day … with their cellphones.

In most cases, even if a woman is able to access a health clinic, she will not be able to get an ultrasound (because most clinics can’t afford an ultrasound machine). The clinics end up using a 100-year-old device to monitor a baby’s heartbeat. Yep, 100 years old — that is indeed very old. But don’t worry…

A Ugandan guy named Josh and his friend have developed their own ultrasound app for smartphones.

They hooked up the 100-year-old health care device to a new phone app and BAM! It can now diagnose, alert, and suggest courses of action for expecting moms. Healthier mommas and babies, what’s up!

It gets better: The new tech doesn’t stop at saving babies. There’s an app that’s going after mosquitoes, too.

Two other Ugandan inventors (Joshua and Brian) have invented a mobile app for malaria diagnosis. Why is that so necessary? Because malaria kills more children under 5 than HIV/AIDs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Traditional testing for malaria requires needles. The new app uses a light sensor that can detect malaria from red blood cells — all with a phone.

Are you ready to invest yet?

Not everyone is.

*Noooo! But it’s not true!*

Frankly, if these young Ugandans can develop these amazing, life-saving technologies while their country is still healing from a CIVIL WAR … imagine the possibilities if they had just a few more resources.

That’s right: Africa’s tech boom is just getting started.

And it’s starting with health technologies that have widespread adaptability, both within African and far beyond.

More people deserve to know about this kinda stuff. It’s too cool and too just-plain-good-for-the-world to ignore. I love it.


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