Lesson April 24 – Wrapping up Vaccines and Diseases….

1) finish up ppt/videos on vaccines

2) Sarah and Hayley – presentation

3) assignment:

Health / Diseases: Making a Difference         20 marks

Look up TWO different organizations that are making a difference in the field of health in the social justice arena.  Please stick with the diseases/health issue we have looked at in class.  For EACH organization do the following:

a) Name of organization

b) What is the organization doing in the field of health?  Please give some details….who is being helped?  how?  why?    Give at least 3 specifics showing ways they are helping.

c) In what areas of the world are they working?

d) What can the average person do to help this organization?  or can they?

e) What progress has been made and how long has it taken to do this?


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