Friday March 8 – Bias Breaking


  • RAK assignment due March 27 – be adding those photos over spring break!
  • Making a Difference Project – plan for your project is due March 27

1. Challenging your Biases worksheet – discussion

2. How Diverse is your Universe? activity

3. Video: Make Friends to Tackle Bias

4. Brainstorm a number of ways you might be stereotyped by someone else.  For example: religion, appearance, clothing, where you live, race, ethnicity, age, gender, height, weight, abilities, interests.  KEEP THIS SHEET BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED IT AFTER SPRING BREAK 🙂


Monday March 4 – The Danger of a Single Story

  1. DON’T FORGET ABOUT Making a Difference project – will need to have a plan ready to explain by March 27
  2. Random Acts of Kindness – ALSO DUE March 27
    1. Don’t forget – firm deadline
    2. Take photos – how do I create a group site?
    3. Explain what you did – when, where, for whom
    4. These should not be all put up on the last day – aim for one per week
  3. finish ppt from last class
  4. Watch video – Danger of a Single Story
    1. The Danger of a Single Story questions
  5. Read Polar Opposites ESSAY OR  Racism has no color ESSAY
    1.  After reading the essay summarize the key points made by the author, focusing largely on the idea of stereotypes and the single story as raised by Chimamanda Adichie in the Ted Talk we watched 
    2. This should be about 175-200 words and is worth 15 marks.


Friday Feb 22 – Random Acts of Kindness

  2. Videos to give you ideas!
    2. – Zach bonner (little red wagon)
    3. – beach clean up in India
    4. – 10 Canadians to watch (start at 2:29 – 5:00…7:30 – end)
  3. Random Acts of Kindness assignment
    2. RAK Website:

Wed Feb 6 – Why Should I Care? wrap-up

  1. Quotes for Wrapping up
  2. discussion
  3. responses to movies, discussion

This is as far as we got 🙂


  2. inspirational videos:
    2. – Zach bonner (little red wagon)
    3. – 10 Canadians to watch (start at 2:29 – 5:00…7:30 – end)


Filmfest: We Were Children OR The Dropbox


  • past due are: Filmfest Movie Questions, Filmfest Research Questions, Documentary questions


Today we are showing 2 documentary films from which you can choose: We Were Children or The Dropbox.  The sheet to fill out is documentaryworksheetupdated

Neither of these films is available for free online.  If you miss today’s class, therefore, you will have to come chat with me about how to make up this assignment.