Monday Oct 15 – All You Need is Love…or so the Beatles sang….

  1. finish ppt on Relativism
  2. watch Ravi Zacharias challenge Relativism :
  3. small group discussion Ethical Dilemmas for small groups
  4. Situation Ethics Powerpoint for SJ 12
    1. Situation Ethics WORKBOOK for SJ 12 – please fill this one out based on the above ppt



Friday October 12 – What’s true for you might not be true for me! (Relativism)

  1. Child Marriage Reading
  2. discussion
    1. Briefly summarize the article
    2. What are three reasons why child marriage occurs?
    3. Do you know anyone who got married in their early-mid teens?
    4. What are your thoughts about child marriage? Why do you think this?  Defend!
  3. Relativism WORKBOOK – complete using ppt below:
    1. Relativism MAIN



What is Social Justice??

  • with a different colour pen/pencil, add to your original ppt answers based on what we have just read/viewed
  • hand in