Lesson Monday Oct 27

1.  hand in permission letters

2. finished watching the Sandel video

3. discussed worldviews – let Mrs. Spencer know what what worldview you have

4. read “The Ones who Walk Away from Omelas”  (will finish next class)

The Ones who Walk…Omelas

Questions Ones who Walk…Omelas

Lesson Wed Oct 23

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UUSG7HtLhw – BREAKING NEWS!

1) hand in worldview sheets

2)watch videos:  http://www.tubechop.com/watch/3775471 – part 1

http://www.tubechop.com/watch/3775578 – part 2

Answer the questions below as you watch these two videos:

Video: Justice – What’s the Right Thing to Do?
1. Moral Consequences:
a. Consequensalist Morality – what is it?
b. Categorical Morality – what is it?

2. What was Jeremy Bentham’s idea around morality? (Utilitarianism)

3. Which two masters are we all governed by?

4. Therefore, on what do we base morality? What is the “right” thing to do?

5. What slogan represents this?

6. At the end of the video, what are the three questions raised?

3) Read The Ones who Walk…Omelas and answer the questions on this worksheet:Questions Ones who Walk…Omelas

Lesson Wed Oct 1

The only thing that needs to be done today is to label the world map  and then colour in those countries…..(World Map).  This is due for Monday October 6

i. Canada             England
ii. USA                  France
iii. Nigeria          Netherlands
iv. Uganda         Mexico
v. Rwanda         Iraq
vi. Haiti              Syria
vii. Israel             Thailand
viii. South Korea               North Korea
ix. China               Afghanistan
x. India                 Colombia
xi. Sierra Leone                 Guatemala
xii. Indonesia                    Philippines