Wed Nov 21 – Guest Speaker, Cathy Peters

Kailey’s Love Story:

A Victim’s Perspective on Sexual Exploitation: Emma’s Story:


Red Light Green Light trailer by Michelle and Jay Brock from New Life Church.


What exploitation looks like:

40 second clip on the Joy Smith Foundation website:


Covenant House clip:


Exodus Cry addressing the issue of full decriminalization of prostitution:


End of talk:

“Break the Silence” Canadian version


ASSIGNMENT—————————3 2 1 Reflection

Lesson Friday Oct 17

1) listened to Ivan’s perspective on ISIS – take up arms and let’s get rid of ’em!

2) read a different Christian response – let’s love instead of resorting to violence – read it here: Christian response to ISIS[1]

3) watched videos on atrocities
Are the airstrikes working?
News report on 4th beheading
treatment of women —–scroll down for video
Execution of Iraqi soldiers

4) worked on parts 1/2 of ISIS assignment – these are due for Monday! Point/Counterpoint is due for Wednesday!!!  See here for rubric: Marking rubric