NEW link for Child Slavery package – “Your Closet” #3 question


Monday June 12 – set up

  1. finish up Behind the Labels project
  2. set up project
  3. Social Justice Action Project
    1. Due for Wednesday June 14 – plan to have a short ppt (just a few slides) showing what you did so you can present it to the class – as a group you will also answer the questions on the revised overview – overall your presentation to the class will be 5-8 minutes or so
    2. Due for Monday June 19 – a write up emailed to Mrs. Spencer (or handed to her) answering the questions in more depth – you can do this as a group but the entire group must have answered each question

Friday May 12 – Child Slavery

Don’t forget to bring in your permission slip for our trip to Victoria next week!

Today we started working on the Child Slavery Package.

  • will probably be due for Wednesday
  • will hopefully have time on Monday to finish it
  • please look at the extra info I have given here as some of the links were being fussy 😉

Child Slavery Package

  • When you come to the Fashion and Garment industry page, you will need to go to the link provided in “A”.  BUT, scroll down until you come to the video “The Clothes on Your Back: Factory Kids”.  This is the video you need to watch 🙂