Another reminder….genocide project due Wed!

Because this project is due Wed, and needs to be actually set up, you will lose 25% per day if it is late….originally I said I would not accept lates….hopefully NOBODY will fall into this category.  You still have one more day off to work on it 🙂


Hi all,

Just a reminder that your project is due next Wed!  We don’t have school next week UNTIL Wed, so MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT HERE AND READY TO GO – as in SET UP during class.

We will set up all the project and have the other class members have a look at them.

Pretend it is REALLY Expo – bring any 3D visuals, props, etc that you need.

I won’t see you again until then…feel free to email me over the weekend if you have questions 🙂

Genocide Project: Videos to watch

This project will be a science fair-type project which we will display at Expo.

In order to better understand your topic, you will watch the video below assigned to it.  As you watch:

i) You will need to take notes on things you think are important
ii) You need to write down questions that come up as you watch – things that you need/want to know more about
iii) Also consider what you would like others to know – what is important?  what stories do you need to tell?

1) Holodomor  (12 parts – 2 hours – this link leads to part 1 which will lead you to the other parts) =

2) Nanking (10 parts – almost 2 hours – this link leads you to part 1 which will lead you to the other parts) =

3) Darfur  – “On Our Watch” (1 hour) – + “Crayons and Paper” dvd  (30 minutes)

4) Cambodia  = “The Killing Fields” dvd   (2 1/4 hours)

5) Rwanda = “Ghosts of Rwanda” (2 hours) =