Friday Jan 13 -SJ Action Project

  1. be nice to your sub 🙂
  2. hand in your assignment from last class ” A Call to Justice”
  3. Read through ALL of the following so you plan your time accordingly today:
    1. Here is your assignment for today:
      1. you will need to report on the things you do today by completing a forum entry here.  this entry will involve a description of what you accomplished and a posting of the links you researched :
        1. you can just hit “Quick Reply” to respond
      2. work on your SJ Action Project
        1. if you are not sure what this involves, click here: sj-12-action-project
        2. you can do tons of research today!
      3. don’t forget to save about 5 minutes or so to do your post – I will be checking it this weekend!


Action Plan Idea – Take a Stand

Why should I get involved?

It’s estimated that over 36 million people live in slavery today – more than the population of Canada. Stand 4 Freedom gives you an opportunity to raise your voice and take a stand on their behalf.

How do I get involved?

Take a Stand: Gather a group of friends, family, or colleagues and take turns standing for 24 hours to raise awareness about modern-day slavery. Get creative –IJM interns in Bolivia are standing at their desks all week instead of sitting. Your stand can take place during the week of action (April 6-10) or during another date. Be sure to register your stand at to get your event on the worldwide map. 

Make your mark: Write “I stand for freedom” on yourself (or on a sign), take a picture and post it on social media with #STAND4FREEDOM during the week of action (April 6 – 10). You can include iconic images of your city, town or province in your photos.

Sign the petition: Urge the United Nations to protect the poor from everday violence including slavery. Sign the petition

Start a conversation: Many people are still unaware that slavery exists today. Take the opportunity to open up conversations about the realities of everyday violence with those around you. You can find resources and information at

Take time to pray: Prayer is a powerful tool in the fight to end slavery. Sign up to become a prayer partner and join us in praying for IJM’s work around the world.


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”Margret Mead

Get Updates

Lesson: Monday March 9 – Sub!

On Monday, you will be spending the class working on your action plan.  You need to come up with a general topic and then research 3 different websites for information.  For each website you need to take 3/4 page of notes – GOOD notes, as we discussed in class!

EACH person in your group is required to do this – you may not all work together on one set of notes.  Make SURE you take down the URL of the website.

This will be collected at the start of class on Wednesday.