Friday Jan 13 -SJ Action Project

  1. be nice to your sub 🙂
  2. hand in your assignment from last class ” A Call to Justice”
  3. Read through ALL of the following so you plan your time accordingly today:
    1. Here is your assignment for today:
      1. you will need to report on the things you do today by completing a forum entry here.  this entry will involve a description of what you accomplished and a posting of the links you researched :
        1. you can just hit “Quick Reply” to respond
      2. work on your SJ Action Project
        1. if you are not sure what this involves, click here: sj-12-action-project
        2. you can do tons of research today!
      3. don’t forget to save about 5 minutes or so to do your post – I will be checking it this weekend!