Lesson Monday June 1 – wrapping up Residential Schools

1)  poster is due Wednesday – Africa quiz NEXT Monday

    1. AIDS: Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, South Africa
    2. MALARIA: Kenya,Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda
  • EBOLA: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia,

2) Binder collected next Friday – I don’t want actual binders, though

3) finish up ppt on child abuse

4) http://www.trc.ca/websites/reconciliation/index.php?p=312

5) readings: First Nations Must Turn the Page and What to do when you sin against someone

6) Assignment: respond in 400-500 words – due Friday June 12

Why has it been so difficult for First Nations people to “move on” and get beyond what happened at residential schools? As Christians, how can we help with the reconciliation that is needed?

Lesson Monday May 25 – Residential Schools

1) field trip tomorrow – meet Mrs. Byron in lobby at 8:40 – bring a lunch, wear CLOSED toe shoes and don’t wear strong scents (they can affect the coffee!)

——–Make sure you have your permission slip in!

2) Finished “We Were Children” – netflix

3) discussion about Residential Schools, their legacy and impact

4) reading about a survivor and the Kuper Island Residential School