Friday October 19 – Writing about Ethics

  1. What’s the Right Thing to Do – Writing about Ethics
    1. please type this!
    2. each person is to work on this on their own – you  may use any notes from class that you have taken
  2. if you have extra time, you can use it to work on the three assignments that are due on Monday Oct 29 (social justice vocabulary, photoshop quote meme, map)

Monday Oct 15 – All You Need is Love…or so the Beatles sang….

  1. finish ppt on Relativism
  2. watch Ravi Zacharias challenge Relativism :
  3. small group discussion Ethical Dilemmas for small groups
  4. Situation Ethics Powerpoint for SJ 12
    1. Situation Ethics WORKBOOK for SJ 12 – please fill this one out based on the above ppt


Friday Sept 16 – Is the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number the Greatest Idea?

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  1. finish Michael Sandel video (The Case for Cannibalism)
  2. group discussion – do-you-agree-with-utilitarianism
  3. class discussion
  4. utilitarianism-strengths-and-weaknesses reading
  5.  ASSIGNMENT: What’s the Right Thing to Do:



Wed Sept 14: Utilitarianism – but what about the cabin boy?

  1. finish watching to 15:27 of What’s the Right Thing to Do?
    1. jot down the meanings of “consequential” and “categorical” morality
  2. continue watching the above video starting at 24:28 – end
    1. Be able to answer the following questions:
      1. Who is Jeremy Bentham?
      2. What is Utilitarianism?
      3. What is his idea of the right or just thing to do? What is “utility”?
      4. How do we use the concepts of pleasure and pain to act morally
      5. How can Bentham’s morality be summed up?
  3. discussion