Genocide Project: Videos to watch

This project will be a science fair-type project which we will display at Expo.

In order to better understand your topic, you will watch the video below assigned to it.  As you watch:

i) You will need to take notes on things you think are important
ii) You need to write down questions that come up as you watch – things that you need/want to know more about
iii) Also consider what you would like others to know – what is important?  what stories do you need to tell?

1) Holodomor  (12 parts – 2 hours – this link leads to part 1 which will lead you to the other parts) =

2) Nanking (10 parts – almost 2 hours – this link leads you to part 1 which will lead you to the other parts) =

3) Darfur  – “On Our Watch” (1 hour) – + “Crayons and Paper” dvd  (30 minutes)

4) Cambodia  = “The Killing Fields” dvd   (2 1/4 hours)

5) Rwanda = “Ghosts of Rwanda” (2 hours) =

Lesson Friday Sept 5: Introduction to Human Rights

Allrighty, our first official day of class largely involved watching two videos and trying to grasp the basics of Human Rights.   So if you missed class, please watch the following two videos.  As you watch the second video, jot down the thirty rights that are discussed.  The video is pretty good – it’s a compilation of 30 short videos presenting the different rights.

1) History of Human Rights:

2) 30 Articles of Human Rights: a.

On Monday you will be creating a poster (not a cheesy make-work kind of poster but a GOOD poster that needs to be wall-worthy!) about one of the rights.  Think about 2-3 that interest you..

And have a good weekend!  See you Monday 🙂