Friday Feb 22 – Random Acts of Kindness

  2. Videos to give you ideas!
    2. – Zach bonner (little red wagon)
    3. – beach clean up in India
    4. – 10 Canadians to watch (start at 2:29 – 5:00…7:30 – end)
  3. Random Acts of Kindness assignment
    2. RAK Website:

MAKING A DIFFERENCE – Here on Vancouver Island!

Congrats Erinne from Reynolds Secondary for graduating and for being an inspiration!
She made her grad dress out of old math homework and donated the money she would have spent on a gown to Malala’s Foundation.
The dress reads: “I’ve received my education, not every woman has that right”

Cheers, Erinne! Keep on being the rad person that you are!

You can support her cause here:

-Jenny West

Want to Help those Suffering in Nepal? Here’s a way! And it’s in Victoria :)

  • In response to  the earthquakes in Nepal we are preparing a second air shipment​ of 50 tents and 50 Disaster Aid kits to our partner in Nepal. This follows the shipment of 30 Disaster Aid kits, 30 large tents and 30 water filters which left from Vancouver by air-shipment on May 11th. Our partner, NCM Nepal has been given responsibility for two remote villages with about 1000 people each that have been affected by the earthquakes. Cost of each of these kits is $750 including air transport. Please use our “Donate” button to support this cause. Designate your gift “Nepal”. A posting by Disaster Aid Canada about the first shipment can be found here.

  • A recent newsletter from Korle Bu Neroscience Foundation about our Liberia shipments can be found here.

Items needed at this time for Maternity Packs:

Large towels

Boys and girls sleepers up to six months

Boys and Girls onesies up to six months

Receiving blankets

Disposable diapers up to six months

Women’s regular panties.

Mesh panties

Hard candy

2″ safety pins

Absorbent pads

  There will be an opportunity to drop off materials for the Compassionate Resource Warehouse at Lumberworld, 3955 Quadra St., on the last Saturday of each month, 8:30 AM to 4 PM.