Wed Oct 10 – wrapping up Michael Sandel

  1. review from last class
  2. finish watching Michael Sandel (
    1. as you watch, take down the 3 key questions
  3. reading: What Happened Cannibalism on the High Seas
  4. use rest of class to work on Photoshop poster or SJ Vocab


Wed Sept 14: Utilitarianism – but what about the cabin boy?

  1. finish watching to 15:27 of What’s the Right Thing to Do?
    1. jot down the meanings of “consequential” and “categorical” morality
  2. continue watching the above video starting at 24:28 – end
    1. Be able to answer the following questions:
      1. Who is Jeremy Bentham?
      2. What is Utilitarianism?
      3. What is his idea of the right or just thing to do? What is “utility”?
      4. How do we use the concepts of pleasure and pain to act morally
      5. How can Bentham’s morality be summed up?
  3. discussion