Friday Feb 3 – Effective Protesting

  1. finish discussing Crash Course from last class
  2. watch the following videos of recent protests
      1. Riots
      2. Women’s march –
      3. March for Life –
  3. 150 word response: What do you think about these protests?  Were they effective?  Why or why not?
  4. Group work – manila tag
    1. What makes an effective protest?
  5. pbl-announcement
  6. Take down and store photo essays until expo



Wed Jan 11 – Your Thoughts…


  • talk to your parents about going to Missionsfest – January 27
  • independent book – first response due Wed Jan 25

Today you are going to be responding to the True Religion reading from last week, the “Good Samaritan” video from Friday Jan 6, and the “Hole in Our Gospel” video from Monday Jan 9.  This response should be typed out (I have booked the computer lab) and is due by the end of class. 

Here is the response assignment: A Call to Justice