Friday Sept 14 – Worldviews continued….

  1. Key points about Worldviews
  2. finish up What’s Your Worldview activity (choose your own worldview readings)

What is Social Justice??

  • with a different colour pen/pencil, add to your original ppt answers based on what we have just read/viewed
  • hand in

Monday June 12 – set up

  1. finish up Behind the Labels project
  2. set up project
  3. Social Justice Action Project
    1. Due for Wednesday June 14 – plan to have a short ppt (just a few slides) showing what you did so you can present it to the class – as a group you will also answer the questions on the revised overview – overall your presentation to the class will be 5-8 minutes or so
    2. Due for Monday June 19 – a write up emailed to Mrs. Spencer (or handed to her) answering the questions in more depth – you can do this as a group but the entire group must have answered each question