NEW link for Child Slavery package – “Your Closet” #3 question


Monday June 12 – set up

  1. finish up Behind the Labels project
  2. set up project
  3. Social Justice Action Project
    1. Due for Wednesday June 14 – plan to have a short ppt (just a few slides) showing what you did so you can present it to the class – as a group you will also answer the questions on the revised overview – overall your presentation to the class will be 5-8 minutes or so
    2. Due for Monday June 19 – a write up emailed to Mrs. Spencer (or handed to her) answering the questions in more depth – you can do this as a group but the entire group must have answered each question

Monday May 29 – Making a difference in the world of child labour

  1. please give Mrs. Spencer your slavery number
  4. complete Questions on Fairphone by going to
  5. See Assignment below…

The world is committed to ending child labour by 2025

In 2015, UN member states adopted 17 Global Goals for sustainable development, including goal 8.7 to end all forms of forced labour, modern slavery and child labour by 2025. Eliminating child labour will help address poverty, strengthen economies and positively influence education, health and protection systems worldwide.


Find  5 different ways we can actually make a difference in the world child labour

  1. These need to be SPECIFIC things that a person here in Duncan can do
  2. Include about a 50 -60 word explanation IN YOUR OWN WORDS for EACH of the 5 ways (in total you will have 250-300 words)
    1. Make sure you consider  how you can make it EASY for them to make a difference!
  3. You might consider ideas that can also be used in our major project, so you kill two birds with one stone 😉

For example (and you can’t use mine 🙂 ):

You can purchase fair trade items.  Some places in Victoria that sell fair trade are Level Ground Trading Company , Ten Thousand Villages and Peace Freaks Ethical Clothing.  These stores sell coffee,  spices, tea, dried fruits, clothing made from bamboo / cotton/ hemp, decorative items, jewellery, dishes, and much more!


Support a child via a charity organization.  To know which charities are the “best” to support, go to  World Vision Canada and Plan Canada both score an “A-” and are considered two of the best.  Even better is Unicef Canada – Unicef is actually the world’s leading child-focused humanitarian organization, working in 192 different countries.